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white mountains nh

white mountains nh white mountains nh
I am looking for a romantic getaway for 2 in New England, for my boyfriend and I. We live in Rhode Island.?

I am looking for rates under $200/night, something romantic. I would like a fire place in the room and a pool/jacuzzi, on grounds is fine. I am thinking something in the White Mountain region of NH would be nice. Let me know if you’ve been, what you liked about it. We would be going in Jan/Feb, over a weekend. Thanks for any help!

In North Conway, NH there is a motel called Adventure Suites. It is priced in your range but is very unique. Here is the link http://www.adventuresuites.com/adventure-suites.php
Scroll down through and you will find different themed rooms at different prices. Other wise just search under North Conway, NH and you will find several available.

Natural Slide – White Mountains, NH

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