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How did we get into the campground business?
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spacer Our Storyo Our Story nce upon a time,spacer narrow Our Storynot so long ago a boy Our Storyand his dad were on their way to get a cup of coco Our Storyon a cold winter’s dayspacer narrow Our Storywhen they saw a group of people standing in a field.spacer narrow Our StoryThey drove over to see Our Storyspacer narrow Our Storywhat was happening. spacer narrow Our StoryLow and behold, it was an gavel Our Storyon a piece of land.spacer narrow Our StoryThis was not just any piece of land but the famous spacer narrow Our Storyicon goose Our Story spacer narrow Our StoryHollow Campground.spacer narrow Our StoryWell, spacer narrow Our StoryGoose Hollow had been closed for many years earlier,spacer narrow Our Story when a big bad corporationspacer narrow Our Storypurchased the landspacer narrow Our Storyintending to build condominiums and a golf Our Storycourse.spacer narrow Our StoryAs fate would have it,spacer narrow Our Story the big bad corporation went bankrupt, spacer narrow Our Storyhence the auction.spacer narrow Our StoryThe little boy’s name was Jack and during the auctionspacer narrow Our Story he sat on hisspacer narrow Our Storydad’s shoulders happily eating a giant lollipop Our Storythat his dad had brought back from a recent business trip.spacer narrow Our StoryThe bidding was fast and furious with various parcelsspacer narrow Our Storyput into the bidding at different times, spacer narrow Our Storywhich caused all sorts of confusion for everybody but the little boy.spacer narrow Our Story The spacer narrow Our Storygavel Our Storyeer was talking fast and furiously, people’sspacer narrow Our Story eyes Our Storyspacer narrow Our Storywere glazing over in confusion, and the little boy raised his lollipop Our Storyhigh into the air.spacer narrow Our StoryThespacer narrow Our Story gavel Our Storyeer looked at Jack’s dad who quietly nodded his head.spacer narrow Our StoryGoing once! Going twice, sold Our Story spacer narrow Our Story. With that thespacer narrow Our Story gavel Our Storyspacer narrow Our Storyeer slammed the hammer down spacer narrow Our Storyand Jack and his dad were the proud new owners of the farmhouse spacer narrow Our Story icon goose Our Storyspacer narrow Our Story Hollow Campground.spacer narrow Our StoryA true story which has led to a fairy tale place, spacer narrow Our Storybut the fairy tale now continues to livespacer narrow Our Storythrough different spacer narrow Our Storyeyes Our Story since Jack andspacer narrow Our Storyhis dad have moved on.spacer narrow Our StoryHis tale lives on through the eyes Our Storyof two new children Brendan and Vanessa. We have come a long way since that little boy raised hisspacer narrow Our Story lollipop Our Storyhigh in the air and so many things have been done.spacer narrow Our Story

We have worked hard these past two years.spacer narrow Our StoryWe have learned how to run the store and check Our Story people in.spacer narrow Our StoryWe’ve helped Dad plant trees Our Story, test the electrical system and mow lots and lots of grass!!spacer narrow Our StoryWe also help Mom with the activities and the icecream Our Story socials. spacer narrow Our StoryWe have learned that you need to work hard in order to keep the campground looking nice.spacer narrow Our Story

Because of what our Mom and Dad have taught us,spacer narrow Our Storywe started our own little businessspacer narrow Our Storywithin the campground delivering ice Our Story and fire Our Storywood to the campers.spacer narrow Our StoryWe call our business fire Our Story and ice Our Story. This has taught us teamwork and responsibility.spacer narrow Our StoryWe are proud of our business especially when we get compliments fromspacer narrow Our Storythe campers on how hard we work and are doing a great job!!spacer narrow Our Story

We are very excited on our newestspacer narrow Our Storyaddition to our family and her brothers and sisters. In July our dog Our Story named “Doggie” had a lot of puppies Our Story.spacer narrow Our StoryWe were happy to have nice campers adopt them.spacer narrow Our StoryWe were sad because we could not keep them allspacer narrow Our Storybut we were happy to know that we would see them in the future.spacer narrow Our StoryWe kept the smallest of the litter and named her “Coo”.spacer narrow Our StoryShe is a silly little puppies Our Story and always seems to get herself in trouble. spacer narrow Our Story

The many new friendships that we have made at icon goose Our Story Hollow will last in our hearts for a lifetime.spacer narrow Our StoryThe memories will remain etched in our minds forever!! We have had fun!spacer narrow Our StoryWe are proud to call icon goose Our Story Hollow our home!!

Bring your family to visit today
and watch all your dreams come true!

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Route 49E, 35 Burbank Hill Rd, Thornton NH 03223
e-mail: info@nhcampgrounds.com

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