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A Camper’s Tale


Everyone has a story to tell; an adventure to share. We found Crystal at wordpress.com and loved reading about her weekend camping in the White Mountains! So we are now sharing it with you!

“Our campsite at Goose 
 A Campers Tale

Hollow Campground was right next to the Mad River, literally.  Ooooh, I was so excited.  To have a long weekend away to enjoy the company of my camping companions, and commune with the gods and goddesses of the mountains, rivers, and forest.  How nice it would be relaxing to the sounds of the rushing river and crackling campfire.”          Click to read Crystal’s Camping Adventure

To all our campers out there- if you have a fun photo, moment, or adventure to share about your time in the White Mountains- please email it to us with the subject: Camping Story!
Email: info@nhcampgrounds.com

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